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Although satellite and cable Internet are both good choices, high speeds and reliable connectivity make satellite the clear winner for rural homes and businesses. With all of the options you have for Internet service, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home or business. Two of the most popular types of Internet service are satellite and cable. By comparing these two types of services, you can make the right decision for your Internet needs.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet uses three satellites to connect your computer or device to the Internet. While this sounds like a lengthy process, all connection and communication happens with fractions of a second. In lightning fast speed, your web page request travels from your device or computer to your home satellite, up to a space satellite and back down to Earth to the HughesNet corporate satellite. From the HughesNet corporate location, your signal goes back to your home and loads the webpage.

Satellite is available everywhere you need it, as long as there is a clear view of the southern sky. Satellite Internet is perfect for rural homes and businesses, even where cable and dial-up are not provided. Satellite Internet is available through budget-friendly monthly service options. You can also cut immediate equipment costs by leasing your equipment or can free yourself from monthly costs by buying your equipment upfront.

Speed of satellite Internet is unmatched through high-speed broadband rural connectivity. You can choose your speed according to your monthly budget needs or to suit heavy Internet usage, up to 15 Mbps.

Internet Service


Cable Internet uses underground cabling with a home cable modem. The modem transmits signals through the underground cables back to your provider's office and your computer.

This type of service is only available where cable lines reach, so your rural location may not be able to gain cable Internet service. In addition, the farther you live from the Internet provider, the slower speed for Internet becomes. Cable Internet pricing depends upon the provider and selected plans. These plans can vary widely and usually run between $40 and $100 per month. Faster speeds cost more.

It's Your Decision

When it comes to cable versus satellite Internet, which connection is best for you, your household or business and all of your devices? We use Internet for almost everything we do today, such as bill payments, keeping in touch with others, making appointments, chatting with friends and family, sharing photos, managing accounts, watching TV and shopping. For these daily activities, it is critical that you have the reliability and speed you need from Internet connection.

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