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HughesNet provides availability of high-speed satellite Internet to anyone in the continental United States who has a clear view of southern sky. Because HughesNet does not use cable or phone lines, even rural customers can have the high-speed Internet experience they want.
Speeds of up to 15 Mbps are available on HughesNet, making it a far better choice than dial-up for customers of rural America.
You can sign up for your HughesNet high-speed satellite Internet service on this website or by calling a sales representative at the available toll-free number.
Both PCs and Mac computers work with HughesNet.
HughesNet satellite Internet will work for a small home network. You can power multiple computers, handheld devices and laptops with one Internet connection.
For HughesNet, you do NOT need a telephone line or dial-up data modem.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that any satellite system sending and receiving signals is installed by a trained professional.
Your system will generally be up and running within two weeks of your order.
Only non-mobile locations, such as homes and businesses, can receive HughesNet Home or Professional service for high-speed satellite Internet. Your HughesNet provider may be able to refer you to a mobile high-speed Internet provider.
Please contact the company on your HughesNet bill using the listed phone number for customer service. For HughesNet Customer Service or Tech Support, you can also log onto your HughesNet account to chat with tech support staff. There, you can check your account usage, browse help files, test your satellite speed and gain access to other information you will find helpful. The web address for your HughesNet account is www.MyHughesNet.com.

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